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HAF Scheme - Ocean Academy School

This is a government funded scheme, which means we can offer our fun activities and tasty meals free of charge to children who are eligible for benefit-related school meals. The aim of the scheme is to encourage children to:

  • eat healthily over the school holidays

  • be active during the school holidays

  • take part in engaging and enriching activities which support the development of resilience, character and well-being along with their wider educational attainment

  • be safe and not to be socially isolated

  • have a greater knowledge of health and nutrition

  • be more engaged with school and other local services

We will have a number of spaces available for our Easter Holiday Casa Camp (10am-2pm). Booking closes on Tuesday 26th March.

If each child attends ALL of their camp dates they will receive a free gift - e.g. caps, reusable water bottle or goody bag. 

This is working in conjunction with BCP council and we will check for those that are eligible through their data. 

Hot meals menu options (meat or veggie) click here

HAF Easter Holidays 2024 - Ocean Academy School (For those Eligible)
HAF Easter Holidays 2024 - Ocean Academy School (For those Eligible)
02/04/2024 - 12/04/2024 - 10:00am-2:00pm
Ocean Academy School
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