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Childcare Voucher Codes

Our Venues Childcare Voucher Codes

Baden Powell 

Ofsted (Tax - Free) : EY488841

Hamworthy Park Junior School

Ofsted (Tax - Free) : EYAPP020

Ocean Academy School

Ofsted (Tax - Free) : EY2736972

Ringwood  School

Ofsted (Tax - Free) : EY2736912

Other Codes

Edenred: P20829296


Computershare: 0019647242/ BH24 3LA/ CASA CAMP 


Fideliti – CAS093C


Care 4- 15789614


Co-op Childcare – 85114339

Sodexo – 846003

RG Childcare - 76083873518

If you need a postcode for your childcare provider, then please use:


Ringwood: BH24 3LA


Hamworthy/ Baden Powell: BH14 8UL

If your childcare provider is not here then please get in touch. 

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