Casa Men's cup competition

At the end of our current league we are running a knock out cup competition, there will be two winners for the trophy and the shield. Seeding for this cup competition will be done on final league positions, the top 8 will enter the competition and the bottom two will go into a two leg wooden spoon final. If you win the quarter final you carry on into the trophy semi finals, if you lose in the quarter final you go into the shield semi finals. 

The semi finals will be played the same night of the wooden spoon 1st leg.  

Quarter final fixtures

1st place will play 8th place (Quarter 1)                   

2nd place will play 7th place (Quarter 2)

3rd place will play 6th place (Quarter 3)

4th place will play 5th place  (Quarter 4)

Winner Quarter 1 will play Winner Quarter 4 (Trophy Semi 1)

Winner Quarter 2 will play Winner Quarter 3 (Trophy Semi 2)

Loser Quarter 1 will play Loser Quarter 4  (Shield Semi 1)

Loser Quarter 2 will play Loser Quarter 3  (Shield Semi 2)

Winner Trophy Semi 1 will play Winner Trophy Semi 2 (Trophy Final)

Winner Shield Semi 1 will play Winner Shield Semi 2 (Shield Final) 

9th place will play 10th place (Wooden spoon final)