CASA Christmas Cup


3 Groups with 4 teams in each group, each team play each other once to determine who goes through to which final. 


The top 2 teams whom have collected the most points will go into the 1st place final.


The next 2 teams will go into the 3rd place final, then a 5th place final, 7th place final & a 9th place final 

If any teams are level on points after the group games, goal difference will decide which team goes into which final.

Each team will recieve a warm up ball as a thank you from everyone at C.A.S.A camps for participating in the league this season, this ball is yours to look after therefore if you lose it you will not get another one to warm up with. 


CASA rules apply during the competition with the addition of the following.


1. Players can be only play for ONE competition team.


2. During group games:-  A win will be awarded 3 points, A draw will be awarded 1 point and a loss No points.

3. All games are 15 min each way. all Final's to be played on the 17th December and matches will be 14 mins each other to allow for penalties. There will be no extra time. 

4. Penalties will be best of 3. To be taken from the edge of the area, we will follow the ABBA system.


5. Final night will allow 3 Subs instead of 2.